Refractory Materials und Specialty Products since 1950

The company Bernhard Jacob GmbH in Völklingen-Ludweiler is family owned, since its foundation by Mr. Bernhard Jacob (1923 - 2001) in the year 1950. The clientele consists primarily of customers from the iron and steel industry. For this application field the company offers a wide variety of products and the
respective services.
Within the first 20 years, products from the winning of sand and the production of non silicosis causing blasting agents were the core of the overall production.
First contacts to the iron and steel industry developed already during the 50's due to the delivery of foundry sands. In 1972, the production of different slide gate filling sands for the steel mill sector was started.
In order to comply with the frequently increasing customerspecific requirements concerning the refractory products, the company intensified investments in the construction of modern, fully electronically controlled production facilities and in the equipment of the research & development department between 1980 and today.
The cooperation with nearby steel mills and the applicationtechnological laboratories of the supplier industry are the ideal requisites for developing and implementing customer-specific products.
Based on these requisites and on the company's 30-year experience in the iron and steel industry, the product variety could be expanded by monolithically formed components, unshaped refractory products, such as covering mixes for ladles and spray gunning mixes of different kinds as well as refractory castables and ramming mixes.
The raw material supply in constant quality was ensured by the construction of a highperformance grinding and classification facility as well as by the creation of large storage capacities for raw materials.

Bernhard Jacob GmbH